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10 Tumblr sites that shows what Japan is about

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10 Tumblr sites that shows what Japan is about

10 Tumblr sites that shows what Japan is about

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Tumblr Japan

Tumblr is a popular microblogging service that allows people to share thoughts quickly and easily online to the world via text, photos, video and more. Personally I really like Tumblr not just because of the user-friendliness and beautiful presentation, it has users that shares Japan related stuff.

I stumbled-upon a cool tumblog called Japan Love, the owner often upload random photos of Japan that he found on the Internet and gives a lot of different perspective of Japan. Well, there are many other Japan related Tumblr blogs, here I found a total of 10 (updated from 9!) that you should check them out!

The List

  • Nihon Daisuki /> Certainly this tumblog owner, Victoria, is a Japan lover! In her tumblog, you can see tonnes of photos of Japan people, places and food.
  • Heart is Breaking /> The owner of the Tumblog is also a Japan lover. In here, you can also see random Japan photos.
  • Japan Love /> As mentioned before, you will find really interesting random photos of Japan, and gifs animations of movie scenes. I really like this Tumblog.
  • F**k Yeah Japan Fashion /> I had blogged about Japanese street fashions, in here you will find even more photos of Japanese fashion that are awkward elsewhere but Japan. Personally, I really love “mori girl” style.

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  • Cats in Japan /> Don’t you think cats in Japan are super cute? Here you will find a lot of kawaii photos of cats. I do think that cats in Japan are lovely and everyone just loving it.
  • Whisper from Japan /> Loads of Japanese scenery photos here.
  • OM NOM NOM /> Photos of delicious Japanese food! Oishii!
  • Permand Japan /> A really good Tumblog by a Filipino that talks about Japanese travel spot and food. One thing great about this site is the owner also attached the description for each entries that gives you more insight about Japan!
  • Gyaru Style /> Take a look into this Tumblog to know what Gyaru style is about!
  • I Left My Heart in Tokyo /> This is another random photos site with interesting Japan facts and cultural insights.

Well here you go the list of 10 Tumblr blogs that will show you what Japan is about. Well, if you have a Tumblr account, you can follow them all! And if you have any other good one, please comment and tell us! Hope you enjoy this post!

Header picture: bruno_tak | Cat picture: *dapple dapple

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