magazine ads design

Magazine Ad Design

Many think of those large, glossy, national pubs filled with high-priced brand-awareness advertisements when you mention magazine advertising. It might appear that small businesses don’t belong alongside these large national advertisers, especially if you are regional or local. But these days that’s not always the case.

National or local publications

On the contrary, many of these national magazines have local sections aimed at small business advertisers, allowing you to reach a local audience for much less.
Should you advertise in these local sections of national magazines? These ads are highly effective for small retail or professional services. One suggestion is to scan the front pages of a magazine to find contact information for the advertising department, where you can ask for a media kit and get information on rates. One tip however if you are considering a media buying service or an advertising agency. Don’t call a publication first – since often what can happen is publications will be less prone to negotiating rates with a media buyer on your behalf if you have already communicated directly with the publication.
On the other hand, even small advertisers can benefit with national publications if you are looking to reach the widest audience possible. And with specialized niche publications with smaller circulations, you can often get the best of both worlds — a national highly targeted audience at more affordable advertising rates.

The advantages of magazine advertising

One advantage of magazine advertising — especially monthlies — is they tend to have a longer shelf life than newspapers, and can often browse through months after publication (can you say dentist office waiting room?). Meaning your print advertisement could have an audience months after its original insertion. In addition to longevity, readers tend to spend more time with a magazine than a newspaper, resulting in a greater chance your ad will be seen.

The importance of magazine ad design

TWD had been creating compelling magazine ad design and copy for over 10 years. We work with you to create a clear and concise message that grabs the attention of your target audience, and gets them to take action. If you expect more out of your next newspaper ad or magazine ad campaign, contact us today for a free estimate.